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Order Rosie's Tamales for Christmas

* Full Name:


* Phone Number:
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* Pick Up Location:

 Robstown Ayers Airline / Holly

* Date Pick Up:

Last Day to Pick Up Thanksgiving Orders is Wednesday November 26th 2015
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* Pick Up Time:

Thanksgiving Orders will be ready to pick up between
7am and 5pm from Monday to Sunday


Pork & Beef Regular $9.00: Doz.

Pork & Beef Hot $9.00: Doz.

Pork & Beef Extra Hot $9.00: Doz.

Corn $9.00: Doz.

Cream Cheese Jalapeno $10.00: Doz.

Bean $9.00: Doz.

Bean-Hot $9.00: Doz.

Chicken $9.00: Doz.

Chicken-Hot $9.00: Doz.

Chicken Cream Cheese Jalapeno $11.00: Doz.

Additional Details:

Es unicamente responsabilidad del cliente recoger la orden en el local elegido y a la hora solicitada anteriormente. Sin embargo, tendra 30 minutos de extensión de tiempo. Si usted aún no ha recogido su pedido una vez terminada dicha extensión de tiempo, su orden será cancelada. NO SE ACEPTAN EXCEPCIONES!!!!!!!

It is your responsibility to pick up at the chosen location and at the requested time above. You will however, have a 30 min. time extension. If you have not picked up your order by the time requested or by the time extension; your order will be canceled. NO EXCEPTIONS Will be Accepted!!!!!!!

* I have read the disclaimer.

Thank You and Happy Holidays From All of Us

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